Maui Sands Home Owner Association

What's Happening

Photo of West Maui KumuwaiWe have recently joined with West Maui Kumuwai (http://westmauikumuwai.org), signing on as a joint project between our Landscaping & Property Improvement Committees.  Our landscaper, Terry Nutt, has been involved with them since their start.  This local initiative is aimed at increasing ocean & environmental awareness by getting various neighboring properties in West Maui to better their practices to help keep our oceans & reef healthy.  They visited Maui Sands recently & were very impressed with many things we have been doing for years & also provided some suggestions on how we can improve our practices.  We were then honored with other local properties & companies at a celebration at Kahekili Park.


Photo of West Maui KumuwaiWe are thrilled to re-open a bit of history in Maui Sands 'Tiki Lounge'… formerly the rental office and laundry facilities for housekeeping in the days of the Maui Sands Hotel, this area later became storage sheds for Maui Sands II owners and then left in terrible disrepair.  Thanks to the vision, creativity, and love of old Hawaii in our Resident Manager, Allison Royce, a new re-purpose of this area was born and lovingly restored by our employees and a few volunteer residents!  The Tiki Lounge is now available for use as a meeting and party space for owners and guests alike.  And for the first time in many years (ever?), we will be able to host our own Annual Owners’ Meeting on property in April as well as other Board and Association meetings.  Come check it out!  (Original Maui Sands furniture and art work was donated by Andrea and Steven Clarke and Agnes Fehervari.)


  • Upcoming Television Digital Upgrade for Maui Sands: Spectrum (formerly Oceanic Time Warner) will be upgrading all television reception equipment in all units during 12/13/17 - 12/15/17 from 8 am - 1:30 pm.   New digital equipment will be installed at no cost as part of the digital upgrade with Time Warner.  More information will be provided to all owners.